Damien Dempsey’s Dublin

By November 16, 2010 8,345 Comments

Shows in Dublin are always great because the Dubliners are always up for the party. The 2 gigs this weekend at Dandelion and Button Factory, both great little venues, were no exception – thanks to Jamie and Chris for looking after us!!

While we were there, we checked out an exhibition of Dublin folk musician Damien Dempsey (Damo) and visual artist Maser called “They Are Us”. Located in a warehouse above a chinese grocer’s, Maser pays homage to the sign-writing heritage of Dublin through the lyrics of Damo. His angle is spreading positive messages through street art, as his works usually feature on many walls and street corners in the city. Throughout, you feel his love for the city and his pride to be part of it, which he hopes fellow Dubliners will share.

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