Cubans at Snowbombing

By May 11, 2010 11,773 Comments

Cubans at Snowbombing

Snowbombing this year has got to be one of the best yet. Featuring an array of artists from our heroes De La Soul rocking the forest stage with Fatboy Slim, every night saw the stars of the current dance music scene, rock the venues of Mayrhofen.

The Cubans turned it out once again at the Racket Club – although there were pre-show worries about the acoustics in big indoor tennis courts, the worry was dispelled by a speedy sound check and the smiling faces of the crowd as they flowed in from the forest stage. The Cubans were also joined by Miguel’s real nephew JP who had also flown in from Cuba to enjoy the festival.

It all made for another memorable show! Thanks guys!!! Snowbombing rules!!

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