Australia Via Hong Kong

By February 3, 2011 11,423 Comments

Hola friends!
It’s been a while so first of all I’d like to start by wishing everyone a happy new year. I hope that you’ve all had a good holiday.
In the meantime, the Brothers have been busy providing festive entertainment in the Southern Hemisphere!!

After making a pit-stop at the notorious Dragon-i in Hong Kong to party with DJ Gilbert and friends, we spent a good 2 weeks having it off in Australia.
We did a few gigs so I’ll post them by and by! Here was the first!

Christmas Day @ Espy, Melbourne – After spending Christmas Day with my Zulu family in Melbourne (thank you Siney!) we had a great gig! Ever since visiting the venue to see Supernat and Q-Bert perform here in 2009, I’ve always thought it would be perfect for the Bros to play here – a cosy live venue with a great up-for-it crowd! Indeed the gig went down a treat, and certainly one of the most enjoyable gigs we’ve done. Personal highlight┬á was dropping the Loose Cannons’ edit of Barbara Streisand, which says “Merry Christmas” instead!

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